Why Invest in India?

GDP of 7 largest economies

S.No. Countries GDP(USD Tn) GDP Growth Rate
1. US 19.4 2.3%
2. China 12.2 6.9%
3. Japan 4.9 1.7%
4. Germany 3.7 2.2%
5. United Kingdom 2.6 1.8%
6. India 2.6 7.3%
7. France 2.6 1.8%


Back of the Envelope Calculation for your returns


Process Chart for Investing

Complete your KYC- This is a one-time requirement. You can check your KYC on

If KYC is not Completed- below documents would be required to complete it.

1) Signed KYC Form
2) Indian Address Proof- Self Attested
3) Overseas Address Proof- Self Attested
4) Pan Card- Self Attested

The investor should have relevant NRE/ NRO account

We will create a profile for you on our portal- you can invest in top funds across Mutual Fund houses from our portal

NRE and NRO Account

Confused between NRE / NRO account- Just one rule to remember- As far as possible try using NRE Account for making investments.

NRE Account

Account used to park overseas earnings which have been remitted back to India


NRO Account

Account used for Indian Based Earnings- For Example Rent from a flat owned in India, Stock Dividends etc.

Freely Repatriable


Repatriation Amount limited to USD 1 MM


Tax Treatment

Taxation at par with Indian Investor

Joint Holder can be another NRI- Not Indian Resident

Joint Holding

NRO can be held with NRI as well as Indian resident

Frequently Asked Questions